Nothing is more important when designing your home than the window & door selection. The 3 most important ‘S’ factors to consider are: Sustainability (Energy Efficiency), Style and Security. The whole character and thermal performance of your home will be decided by the choices you make at the design phase.

sliding_doorwuPVC Sliding doors can be traditional slide or Tilt ‘n’ slide doors that are a European designed style of door that has 3 positions: tilt, lock or slide open. The Door opens in 2 ways:-

Firstly, They are slide to open like a traditional sliding door or alternatively the door can tilt inwards from the top, ideal when you want to have some airflow without a draft and the added benefit of being locked while the door is open with our heavy duty multi point locks, ensuring a tight seal, insulation and security. Insect screens are easily added to the outside of the door frame.

Sliding doors are a great space saver and can be combined in a variety of configurations. For example the doors can be:




There are many colour choices: White, faux wood grain, silver and more.

The frames are uPVC with an internal steel core offering as good thermal insulation as timber. When combined with double glazed glass, who needs curtains!