Enhancing Your Home’s Value with Double Glazed Windows

“Double the Glaze, Double the Value: The Home Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed” As homeowners constantly seek impactful home upgrades, the spotlight shines brightly on a game-changer: double-glazed windows. Dive deeper into this transformative window solution that’s revolutionising property values. Why Double-Glazed Windows are Today’s Talk of the Town Picture a home where modern […]

How Double-Glazing Enhances Well-Being


“Unlocking a Healthier Home: The Magic of Double-Glazing” Have you ever wondered if a simple change in your windows could amplify your well-being? It’s time to unveil the health benefits woven into the world of double glazing. 1. Breathing Clean: Bidding Adieu to Outdoor Pollutants The very air you inhale influences your health. With its […]

How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

Experience Clarity, Comfort, and Cost Savings with Energy Efficient Windows Australia! Have you ever wondered why so many Australians are swapping their traditional windows for double glazed ones? Dive in to uncover the secret behind the rising trend and how it impacts your pocket! Why Double Glazed Windows Are Winning Over Aussies While the cost […]

Case Study: Kingfisher Residence

Kingfisher Residence

the Kingfisher Residence Transformation Project Highlights Location: Gold Coast Hinterland Architectural Partner: PTMA Architecture Features: Large glass and glazing areas, unique facade, high-performance design Achievement: 9.1 Energy Star rating Challenges and Solutions Outcomes Sustainability: The project underscores the possibility of integrating high-end architectural design with environmental consciousness. Innovation: Through collaboration with PTMA Architecture, EE Windows […]

Case Study: Raby Bay

Windows and Doors

Project Highlights Location: Ocean-view house in Raby Bay Requirements: Soundproofing, energy efficiency, and unobstructed views Solutions: Double Glazed Windows and Doors installation Results Energy Efficiency: Reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. Soundproofing: Significantly quieter indoor environment. Preserved Views: Uninterrupted enjoyment of the ocean views. Conclusion EE Windows: Transforming a Raby Bay Home with Double […]

Renovating? Here are the top 5 things you should consider!


Whether you’re giving your permanent home a makeover or bought a DIY fixer-upper, renovating can be quite the hefty task. Depending on the expertise, it may be hard to know what to do next. EE Windows is committed to the improvement of your home and is here to help during renovation and building processes, that […]

Case Study- 113 Outlook Crescent, Bardon


Our latest case study is based on the beautifully light and modern property at 113 Outlook Crescent. Tucked away in the leafy inner-city suburb of Bardon, this contemporary and magnificent home overlooks Brisbane city in all its glory. The vantage point and location of this property meant that it was imperative that any windows and […]

Are uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors UV Resistant?


uPVC windows and uPVC doors can be incorporated into Queensland homes with great effect. They will dramatically decrease your electricity bill while assisting in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house without even needing to touch the air conditioner! An important question that our customers often ask us here at EE Windows is if our uPVC windows and […]

5 Ways to Cut Down on Energy Usage in your Home

There are a variety of reasons why making your home more energy efficient is beneficial, from lower electricity bills, and increasing your home sale value to reducing your carbon footprint. Cutting down on your energy usage can start in simple steps and graduate to larger home improvements and at EE Windows, our products are created with energy […]

Building Luxury Homes? These UPVC Windows & Doors Are A Must

It will come as no surprise that Brisbane continues to grow as investors and families are priced out of the Sydney and Melbourne property markets. According to the ABS, the population of the sunshine state increased by 1.7% from March 2017 to March 2018, with an incredible 24,000 people migrating from other Australian states and territories to […]

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