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Case Study: Kingfisher Residence

the Kingfisher Residence Transformation

At the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland, the Kingfisher residence stands as a testament to innovative architectural design and sustainable living. The project presented an exciting challenge for EE Windows: to maintain the architectural integrity of this expansive and privately situated home while enhancing its energy efficiency and sustainability.

Project Highlights

Location: Gold Coast Hinterland

Architectural Partner: PTMA Architecture

Features: Large glass and glazing areas, unique facade, high-performance design

Achievement: 9.1 Energy Star rating

Challenges and Solutions

The Kingfisher residence, with its extensive use of glass and a distinctive design, required a careful balance between aesthetics and functionality. The homeowners, Sean and Cristiana, were committed to achieving a sustainable build without sacrificing the architectural vision. EE Windows addressed these needs by installing premium double glazed windows and doors, which played a crucial role in the home’s impressive 9.1 Energy Star rating.

The use of double glazing, along with thermally broken frames and comprehensive insulation strategies, significantly reduced the home’s energy demand. These features, combined with the dark roof’s innovative air gap and mechanical ventilation system, allowed the residence to naturally cool itself, showcasing a leap in sustainable design.


Sustainability: The project underscores the possibility of integrating high-end architectural design with environmental consciousness.

Innovation: Through collaboration with PTMA Architecture, EE Windows pushed the boundaries of traditional design to embrace sustainability without compromising on style.

Energy Efficiency: Achieving a high Energy Star rating in such a unique and challenging build demonstrates that sustainability and luxury can coexist.


The Kingfisher residence is a prime example of how challenges in sustainable building can be overcome with creativity, innovation, and collaboration. EE Windows is proud to have contributed to this project, which not only stands as a beautiful and unique home but also as an inspiration for future sustainable developments. Through the successful integration of double glazed windows and doors, the Kingfisher residence is a beacon of energy efficiency and architectural excellence on the Gold Coast.

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