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Case Study

Case Study- 113 Outlook Crescent, Bardon

Our latest case study is based on the beautifully light and modern property at 113 Outlook Crescent. Tucked away in the leafy inner-city suburb of Bardon, this contemporary and magnificent home overlooks Brisbane city in all its glory. The vantage point and location of this property meant that it was imperative that any windows and […]

Building Luxury Homes? These UPVC Windows & Doors Are A Must

It will come as no surprise that Brisbane continues to grow as investors and families are priced out of the Sydney and Melbourne property markets. According to the ABS, the population of the sunshine state increased by 1.7% from March 2017 to March 2018, with an incredible 24,000 people migrating from other Australian states and territories to […]

Ensuring Soundproof Accommodation

We recently had a client come to us looking for a unique project involving energy-efficient and soundproof student accommodation for Charles Sturt University. We knew we could help them find a modern and superior solution to suit their innovative design. Read on to find out how we produced energy-efficient, soundproof windows for the student accommodation […]

Case Study: 6B Tallaroon Street, Shailer

This case study is based on the property development of Queensland’s very first Passivhaus, located at 6B Tallaroon Street, Shailer Park. The project was commissioned by CEO of EE Windows, Paul Gerrard. A Passivhaus, otherwise known in English as a Passive House, has a meticulous standard for energy efficiency. The primary objective of a Passivhaus […]


At EE Windows, we’re proud to offer our superior uPVC window and door solutions to enhance sustainable design and construction projects. That’s why when the Ecovillage at Currumbin approached us to supply windows for their new eco-friendly home build, we were very excited to get to work and help create the ultimate energy efficient home. […]

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