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How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

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Have you ever wondered why so many Australians are swapping their traditional windows for double glazed ones? Dive in to uncover the secret behind the rising trend and how it impacts your pocket!

Why Double Glazed Windows Are Winning Over Aussies

While the cost of double glazing plays a role in its popularity, there’s so much more to the story. In Australia, thermally broken aluminium has been the go-to for double-glazed windows for quite some time. However, a new player, uPVC, is steadily clinching the top spot, and it’s clear why.

The uPVC vs. Aluminium Window Debate

Aluminium windows were beloved for their lightweight nature, easy installation, sleek appearance, varied colour options, and durability, surpassing wood frames. They’ve been seen as a reliable choice with a commendable lifespan and resistance to issues like corrosion and warping.

However, aluminium frames do come with a share of drawbacks. Their susceptibility to elements, especially salt, makes them less ideal for seaside homes. Consequently, they don’t significantly lower your energy bills as uPVC does. They can lead to mould accumulation and heightened noise levels.

In contrast, uPVC windows boast a multi-chamber construction, offering superior thermal insulation. Their energy efficiency is impeccable, they curb external noise, are a breeze to maintain, and are resistant to rotting, corrosion, and fading. Add to this their steel reinforcement, and you have windows perfect for bushfire-prone regions.

High-Quality Double Glazing Without Breaking the Bank

The rising demand for uPVC windows indicates discerning choices are vital. It’s essential to source these windows from a trusted supplier to ensure value for your money. That’s where Energy Efficient Windows Australia comes into play. As a trusted and seasoned supplier, we prioritise your unique needs.

Our uniqueness lies in our comprehensive service – we design, craft, and set up the windows locally rather than outsourcing. This complete in-house approach guarantees the impeccable quality of our offerings and ensures flawless installation for optimal benefits.

Pricing Considerations for Double Glazed Windows

The expense of uPVC windows, akin to aluminium ones, hinges on various factors like size, design, shape, and installation location. Therefore, we meticulously inspect and measure your space, customizing each window for a snug fit.

While you’re free to explore alternative quotes for aluminium windows, our confidence stands in our competitive pricing, long-term energy bill reductions, and the aesthetic upgrade your property will undergo with our windows.

Final Words

So, when contemplating the switch to double glazed windows, remember: It’s not just about the price but the long-term value, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Energy Efficient Windows Australia is here to guide you through this transformative journey.

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