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The Importance of Buying Local for your Windows

When it comes to building a new home or renovating your current one, selecting building materials like windows and doors is an important decision and opting to buy from overseas can quickly become extremely problematic. From having the wrong items delivered, to getting windows installed that ended up breaking within the year, we’ve heard so many horror stories from our customers who have learnt some very expensive lessons. In a bid to help you make sure you don’t end up having to learn the same lesson, we’ve compiled all of the reasons why it’s essential to buy your windows locally:

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When sourcing your windows locally, you can be sure that you’ll get an excellent standard of service, communication and the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Purchasing windows from overseas is likely to cause difficulties when contacting the supplier since you’ll be dealing with different time zones and language barriers. You will also find that many countries don’t have the same legal and quality standards when it comes to construction materials like windows and doors, which can result in expensive issues later down the line. At EE Windows, all of our windows and doors are manufactured and guaranteed to meet the Australian Standard AS2047 and we are also a licensed member of the QBCC.


Buying windows for your new home or renovation is a choice that you’ll have to stick with for many years to come, so it’s important that you do your due diligence when deciding who to buy from. Buying locally means it’s easy to get informed on the reputation of the supplier you opt for, whereas purchasing from overseas is essentially taking a stab in the dark and keeping your fingers crossed for the best outcome.


Besides the quality issues that will arise when buying from overseas, it’s important to make purchasing decisions that will have a positive impact on your local economy. When you purchase your windows or various other construction materials locally, you’re reinvesting back into your own community and helping to stimulate growth rather than funnelling money out of Australia and into a country where you will never reap any of the long term benefits.


Buying windows in Australia means you’re getting a product that’s been designed to be used in Australia and the Aussie climate. Our double glazed windows are one of the most energy-efficient options on the market when it comes to keeping your house cool during summer, keeping you warm during winter and keeping your electricity bill down. When purchasing from overseas suppliers, you’ll often find that the materials are ineffective when it comes to temperature regulation and climate control for the location of your home.


Speaking of energy efficiency, purchasing locally is the much more socially responsible and eco-friendly decision. Windows and doors are heavy objects that require a lot of fuel in order to be transported via boat or plane, which means a much higher amount of greenhouse gas emissions. What’s worse is that this transportation often turns out to be a hidden cost and you end up being much more out of pocket than you originally thought.

At EE Windows, we only ever design and manufacture the highest quality of windows and doors. Our entire range is energy efficient and a guaranteed good investment when it comes to your electricity bills and the resale value of your home. To learn more, get in touch with us today!

Energy Efficient Windows Australia Best quality banner

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