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The Key Features All High-end Luxury Homes Should Have

Do you own a luxury home and want to increase its value? Or are you an architect or property developer of high-end homes keen to offer buyers only the most opulent abodes?

Buyers of luxury residences have a lengthy list of expectations when it comes to must-have features. And they simply won’t settle for less. So if you’re going to appeal to the wealthy, you need to have the lowdown on what they’ll be keeping an eye out for. Incorporating these elements into your existing home or property design is a smart move, whether you’re upgrading your house or you wish to attract the affluent. Here are the most highly sort after features for a luxury home.

Prime location.

Location, location, location! It’s the first thing buyers consider; where do they want to live? What kind of neighbourhood can they expect? Is the street that the property is on well-respected, or does it have a history associated with aristocracy? If it’s an apartment, is it the penthouse? If it’s freestanding, does it have a spectacular garden? If it’s in the country, acreage is a must, while if it’s in a city, views are wholeheartedly expected.

Uninterrupted views.

We aren’t just talking about a room with a view here. We mean sweeping floor to ceiling views available from most of the property. Ocean or harbour views are the real winner here, but city views are also highly sought after in landbound locations. This is why it’s so important to have the right kind of windows and doors installed, namely, lots of glass! Stock standard doors and windows just won’t do. For this kind of property, the doors and windows need to be custom made to compliment the view. Think chic french doors or elegant bi-folds that can be drawn back on the perfect Summer’s day for a seamless transition from lounge to deck during parties and soirees.


Now here’s the catch. Luxury homes require breathtaking, unbroken views, but also need to be private. In the city, it’s especially vital for luxury abodes to be soundproof. And if the property is a penthouse, it’s going to need solid window frames to keep the whistling and howling of the wind from reaching indoors. For this reason, double glazing is a must-have feature. It offers superior sound insulation, and when combined with uPVC window frames, incomparable protection from the elements while still maintaining those amazing views at all times. Another vital feature to ensure complete privacy is high-quality window shades, curtains or roller shutters. Achieving the perfect combination of elegant and functional here is critical. Any shadings for the windows must flawlessly fit with the interior design, and be exceptionally easy to operate.

Plenty of space.

Pokey apartments and small, dark houses are not the residences of the affluent. Light and space is highly sought after in a luxury home. Properties that incorporate polished, expansive areas both indoors and outdoors are extremely popular. Large entertainment areas, in particular, are regarded as essential, with a natural flow from the inside of the home, to a deck or balcony.

Smart home technology.

Smart home technology is continuously evolving, and designer homes need to have the latest in innovation. Gone are the days when clap on lights were the ultimate indulgence. Nowadays the lights, air conditioning, locks and security cameras can all be controlled via a smartphone. Google Home and Alexa are the forerunners of smart home technology, though many brands on the market are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. If you can’t dim the lights via your phone while sitting on the lounge watching a movie, are you really living a lavish life at all?

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