Why Should I Choose Double Glazed Windows?

The term ‘responsible homeowner’ is one which gets thrown around a lot when it comes to building or renovating a home but what does it actually mean to be a responsible homeowner in the 2020s? Shifting towards sustainable and environmentally friendly, energy efficient products is the way of the future. Choosing double-glazed windows is one of the best decisions you can make whether you are giving your existing home a refresh or building a new house.

Whether you’re looking for double glazed windows, double glazed doors, casement windows, awning windows, bifold doors and windows, or any other types of windows and doors in Brisbane and the surrounding area, EE Windows has you covered.

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Gone are the days when windows were simply made with one pane of glass in a frame. Glass does not provide very good thermal insulation. It is only a few millimetres thick which can make controlling the temperature inside your home almost impossible. Double glazed windows and doors are designed to tackle this by having two panes of glass with a gap in between to provide an extra insulating layer against extreme heat or cold weather.


One of the biggest considerations when choosing double glazing is cost. While the initial outlay on double glazing is higher than single glazed windows, your future energy savings need to be taken into consideration as they offset the initial cost of your uPVC double glazed windows and doors as in the long run, you will benefit from big savings on your energy bills. Calculating the potential cost-savings down the track is where the real magic happens because in the long-term you can save thousands on heating and cooling bills thanks to the insulation provided by double glazed windows.


For the environmentally aware, if you are working to decrease your carbon footprint, or you are in a situation where you need to conserve energy, for example running a house completely off-grid, double glazed windows should be a priority.


When it comes to urban living arrangements, external noise can be a consistent source of frustration for many, especially if you work from home. Even in more suburban areas, there can be times when it would be nice to not have to worry about noise from outside impacting your sleep schedule or phone calls. As well as thermal insulation, double glazing provides extra acoustic insulation as well. Thanks to the barrier that double glazed windows provide, sound waves have a much harder time getting through than they would with a basic window. The amplitude of the soundwaves is significantly reduced due to the gap between panes, allowing double glazed products to absorb more sound energy, therefore, making it far less noisy inside the home.


Over time, condensation can turn from a harmless substance into a type of mould which is a health hazard. Condensation is the result of a significant difference in temperature inside versus outside and single glazed windows are generally the main culprits in homes. Double glazed windows eliminate the risk of mould building up as the improved thermal insulation assists in keeping the glass and surrounding air at a similar temperature.

Aside from the above, choosing double glazed windows for your home can improve the property value, security, and tends to create an overall more sophisticated look. As a proud manufacturer of high-quality double glazed thermally efficient windows and doors, EE Windows can assist you every step of the way when it comes to selecting the right product for your home. Contact us today to find out more.

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