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How Your Window Choice Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Are you currently renovating your house and looking for ways to maximise your return on investment? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to maximise the energy efficiency in your home? The team at EE Windows have put together some of our best, expert tips on how your window choice can save you money in the long run!


We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the idea of saving a little extra coin on their utility bills – especially power. You may significantly reduce your need for aircon during the summer and heating during the winter by installing either double glazed or uPVC windows– not to mention reducing your carbon footprint. These work to thermally limit the amount of heat gain in the hotter months and heat loss in the cooler months – think of it like insulation for the spots in your home where insulation can’t be installed! Win-win right?! Over the year you might find up to a 40% reduction in what you normally would have spent drawing power, all the while enjoying the natural means of regulating your home’s climate.


During a build or renovation we understand the need to work within a budget, which might mean forgoing the most sustainable materials at the time. You’re in luck though, EE Windows have options for all budgets that will provide you with the confidence of superior quality and performance. Looking into uPVC frames over regular glass windows means you’re choosing a resistance to rust, rain, rot and corrosion. They’ll maintain their original shape and shine, no matter the weather conditions outside!


The placement of your windows during the design stage of planning your build is definitely not something to be overlooked. Now that you’ve chosen the most energy-efficient option, putting them in the right places is all the fun! Looking into passive design concepts such as: where the sun will rise/set, where the breeze can be optimised and the shape and size of your windows can do absolute wonders for the look, feel and sustainability of your home. The correct window placement can also offer a lot more natural lighting during the day, which will reduce the need for switching the lights on until after sunset making your energy bill even lower!


You’ve spent the hard-earned cash, now reap the reward when you go to sell your property. Your home has been fitted with the most sustainable, efficient window choices available meaning the buyer won’t have to worry about budgeting for renovating costs (it’s a great selling feature!).

At Energy Efficient Windows, we pride ourselves on being able to make your home and its windows as sustainable as possible for both you and the environment. If you are looking to take steps towards a more sustainable future, our team of experts is ready to provide you with a consultation on what will best suit your needs and get the job done. Contact us today!

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