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What is the real cost of uPVC windows?

When considering the expense of uPVC windows, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. There are many things to take into consideration when determining the long-term cost of uPVC windows compared to single paned, aluminium framed windows.

The amount of money that you spend on uPVC windows will largely depend on the configuration of the window, the strength of the panes installed, the quality of the hardware, and the number of windows you are having serviced. We take a closer look at the elements that make up a uPVC window, and how they affect the overall cost of your windows.

Window configuration

When it comes to uPVC windows, you aren’t short on configuration options. uPVC windows can come as casement and awning windowstilt’n’turnbi-fold or sliding. The type of opening that you choose will affect the amount that you pay. Obviously, those that require more hardware, and that are complex to install, will cost more. A tilt’n’turn window is going to require more attention than an ordinary sliding window. When deciding what will work best for your home, it’s important to consider things like the weather, where your window is situated and if the type of opening you want will fit into your budget. If you cannot afford tilt’n’turn windows for your whole house, consider only having them on your wind facing walls, so that you can still air out your home without creating drafts.


Hardware is another essential element of your overall uPVC window design and one which is sadly often overlooked. Investing in good quality hardware for your uPVC window is a must because it can make or break your window lifespan. uPVC windows will last you upwards of 25 years. But if cheap hardware is used to operate your uPVC window frame, this can make it wear out much quicker. We know it might be tempting to go for the cheaper hardware options to reduce your upfront costs. But this can result in considerable expenses in the long run, should you need to replace your uPVC windows before their time should, strictly speaking, be up. Here at Energy Efficient Windows, we only use the highest quality hardware to complement our uPVC window frames. In fact, in our casement and awning windows, we use American Truth hardware so that we can effortlessly incorporate fly screens into the window design. Quality hardware and uPVC windows should always go hand in hand.

Double glazing

The type of window panes you have installed in your uPVC window frames will also determine the overall cost. Double glazing is more expensive than single glazed windows; it’s no secret. But what homeowners don’t consider often enough, is the massive amount of savings that can be achieved on energy bills with the superior insulation that double glazing provides. As we mentioned in one of our previous blog articles, double glazed windows can result in a saving of 40% on an average Australian home’s energy bill. Double glazing, combined with uPVC frames, is fantastic at keeping air-conditioned air in the house, and the Summer heat out, meaning that your air con doesn’t have to work as hard or stay on as often. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home will not only save you thousands of dollars in bills in the next twenty-five years, but it will also increase the value of your property, should you look to sell within the future. So while it might feel like you’re spending big, to begin with, but the amount of money you’ll save down the track with uPVC, double glazed windows is definitely worth it.

Energy Efficient Windows offers the most competitive prices on uPVC windows in Brisbane

A significant part of the cost involved with installing uPVC windows is also your ability to find the most competitive price. Here at Energy Efficient Windows, we pride ourselves on our affordable price point for uPVC windows, without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. And the good news is, even if you don’t live in the Brisbane region, EE Windows can service all of Australia! Contact us today for a quote on uPVC window installation for your home.

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