Top Fittings to Improve your Home Security

Keeping your home secure is an important priority, no matter where you live. Whether you are in a bustling city or a quiet rural area, the risk of burglary is one that, unfortunately, always exists. Improving security in your home will ensure both the safety of your valuable and sentimental items and more importantly, your loved ones. At EE Windows, our products help to make your house feel like home and in more ways than just style. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top home fittings that will improve your security and give you peace of mind.

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Smart Doorbells

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Now we don’t think that installing a doorbell means a burglar is going to ring in first and politely ask for entry. But what we do know is that many intruders test to see whether anyone is home first before breaking in and the easiest way to do that is by ringing the doorbell. The market for smart doorbells is not only booming because of their convenience and the onslaught of ‘internet of things’ gadgets that we are seeing through our homes, but also because they provide a great level of security that traditional doorbells never offered. When these smart doorbells are rung, you will be able to see and speak to whoever is on your doorstep using an app on one of your devices. Many of these smart doorbell options are also integrated with motion detecting cameras, so even if your intruder doesn’t end up ringing, you will have them on camera. Even just the sighting of the lens is sometimes enough to deter a burglar.

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Triple Down on Locks

One simple, flimsy lock on your front door knob isn’t sufficient when it comes to most break ins. They are easy to pick and won’t put up much of a fight, especially if the intruder is experienced. Installing effective and strong locks on potential entry points like gates, windows, and doors is a line of defence that can save you from the discomfort and expense of a break-in. Each type of door will vary in terms of what you can install but looking into a double cylinder deadlock or deadlatch for external doors, and three-point deadlocking doors for security screen doors is worth the investment for what it may save you from in the future.

Double glazed windows

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Old, single paned glass windows are like a magnet for intruders and can quite literally be described as a window of opportunity for them since statistics have proven that burglars purposely target homes with single glazing. The security benefits of uPVC double glazed windows are often overlooked but are truly one of its strongest advantages. Having the two panes that are provided by double glazed windows instead of one, gives potential intruders a lot of hassle; they have to break two stronger and likely newer panes of glass instead of one meaning it takes a lot longer and makes much more noise, two things that no burglar is looking to do during a break in. uPVC frames also provide a seal that cannot be opened from the outside and are fitted as standard with multi point security locks ensuring there are no gaps around the frame , unlike old traditional frames that typically warp over time, providing spaces where a window could be pried open.


The other fittings we have listed thus far are likely to help keep intruders out, but in the case that they do get in, it’s always important to have a backup plan. While cameras do help to deter intruders, their main purpose is to record them if they do get in. Having cameras isn’t a new technique for tackling break-ins but one of their pitfalls is lost footage. Lost footage is a problem that has hindered the resolution of many cases around the world. Still, this problem is shrinking with the availability of cameras that save to an internet cloud system rather than to a camera or its physical storage system. When looking for your next camera, ensure that it has a secure storage system to help keep you and your home safe long term.

At EE Windows we will always aim to make your home as comfortable as we can whether it be through beautiful lightingtemperature regulation or security. Our huge range of window fittings is perfect for any new home builder, buyer or renovator. We want to bring these products to you for less and will beat any ‘like for like’ quote by 10%, contact us today.

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